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LinkTrust Joins Growing Anti-Fraud Movement

As I mentioned last week, fraud protection is a must for any network in the industry, and any company that doesn’t integrate fraud systems is starting to be viewed as outcasts. As part of that mission to prevent fraud LinkTrust has announced that they have now fully integrated with CPA Detective and Scrubkit, the two dominant fraud protection companies in the industry.

Here’s a bit of information about the systems and how they integrate with LinkTrust, from the companies themselves.

 CPA Detective offers affiliate fraud detection and risk management. Detect fraudulent sources and score each transaction using the most accurate and transparent solution for online marketers that leverages centralized fraud intelligence and smart device fingerprinting to uncover the latest fraudulent tactics.

  • With seamless integration into your LinkTrust campaigns, CPA Detective provides greater transparency by introducing transaction quality predictors such as CPA Detective’s risk score, device fingerprint, browser, operating system, and the ISP alongside each transaction.
  • Real-time alerts and a dedicated team of fraud experts provide a proactive method to verify fraudulent activity and shut down high-risk sources.
  • Contact CPA Detective to learn more and receive a free 2 week trial, ROI analysis, and special LinkTrust partner pricing.

ScrubKit is an automated and powerful analytical system that assists with the detection of affiliate fraud. You can easily and conveniently monitor fraudulent activity 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365 days a year. Many known networks are currently using it to effectively reduce exposure to fraudulent activity.

  • Dashboard view of all activity, risk is visually color coded according to severity
  • Effectively eliminate fraudulent, diluted, and fake conversions from your network
  • Statistical and analytical breakdown on an extremely granular level
  • “Plug and Play” LinkTrust Integration with a no-commitment month-to-month ScrubKit contract
  •  Contact ScrubKit for a free trial and complimentary risk assessment of your network activity by a fraud professional.

LinkTrust joins Cake Marketing, which has also integrated with both Scrubkit and CPADetective. This integration by these two dominant systems means that the rest of the industry needs to play catch-up immediately. I’m sure this might just give more and more clients a reasons to leave DirectTrack.

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. LinkTrust already has it’s own fraud prevention tools/ features and I know of a network that don’t even utilize what features they provide already so who is to say this is going to make a difference?? I can name a network that uses LinkTrust and they personally told me after I was accused of fraud that they don’t use the fraud prevention because “it’s to much work” So should fraud really be this out of control? If they put the features to use in the first place it IT WOULD HELP I’m not saying it would eliminate fraud but at least take the first step to prevent it! I also don’t see this network using scrub kit because they think scrubbing is a scam and say so there self right here on Performance Marketing Insider that article was written by Kevin from xy7 the network that royally screwed me!

    1. Affiliate fraud is ridiculous. Are there any laws to prevent it? Is anyone fighting against it, or are people just whining about it – It’s my outsiders point of view.

  2. fighting against fraud is really important to do and it’s similar with fighting against crimes. Making a good collaboration with CPA detective is a crucial decision for a policy to fight against fraud. This is really good… absolutely good…

  3. I agree with Hendaro, because in this year there’s a lot of crimes that always not be accomplish, that’s why they must make some order that they will focus with one. Because there’s a lot of orders but they not focus in one that’s why crime making big in our country.

  4. That is one great development to read about. I do hope that the other companies will be able to follow suit.

  5. Fraud is ever present that is why systems developed to detect and avoid fraud should be present too in any business type establishments. Good move for LinkTrust, setting good example to other companies to be fully committed to protecting their system. This too can improve the credibility of businesses to their customers.

  6. It would be awesome to see networks actually start prosecuting fraud affiliates instead of just kicking them out of their network. There is no real punishment for them so they have no fear.

  7. ScrubKit is excited to work with the LinkTrust on the new integration. This integration will allow clients of a well-known tracking system to leverage an extremely robust fraud management system putting their company in a position to effectively combat fraud.

    This is a very positive movement in the industry and we are happy LinkTrust clients will have the ability to leverage ScrubKit. If you are a LinkTrust client contact us at for a free trial and complimentary risk assessment of your network activity.

    Brian McLevis
    President // ScrubKit

  8. Fraud is one of the main reasons why offer rates have been backed down recently and overall. We take a hard stance on fruad incorporating multiple methods to prevent it. We also are working on futher in house scripts to prevent fruad. everyone needs to be on the same page here…The more networks take a united stance sgainst fraud the problem will be slowly start to fade. This of course is a dream where no one tries to fraud offers

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