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DirectTrack Loses More Clients

One can almost feel sorry for DirectTrack, who has seen its customer base slowly dwindle this last year.  Part of their issue was the massive failure DirectTrack suffered earlier this year, which became one of the biggest news stories of the industry. After dozens of networks and clients found that DirectTrack had no suitable back up system, many of them started looking for a way out.

Perhaps one of the other reasons is the enormous outreach that companies did after that failure, realizing that the one-time king of tracking was quickly losing any advantage it had to new comers such as LinkTrust, HasOffers and Cake Marketing. HasOffers even launched a campaign against DirectTrack a few days after their downtime,  specifically calling out that DirectTrack was last generation software and could not handle outages correctly — and that customers should expect it to happen again.

However Cake has been the most aggressive of the competitors and has actively been involved in trying to move clients from DirectTrack – and their persistence has paid off. Just this week, LegalZoom, which was one of the featured clients of DirectTrack decided to move their system to Cake. A press release said

 The strategic decision by LegalZoom to work with Cake Marketing was founded upon the Cake Marketing platform’s ability to offer a scalable and customizable solution to LegalZoom’s diverse and company-specific online marketing directives. “Providing mission-critical software for LegalZoom to further develop their business model will enable them the opportunity to act as industry leaders within the performance-based marketing space, and will allow Cake Marketing the opportunity to actively pursue more opportunities with large brands and advertisers,” said Jeff McCollum, President of Cake Marketing.

Even more embarrassing to DirectTrack is the loss of direct response agency DirectAgents that had just been featured in a whitepaper, which was still available for download as of writing this story.

Any clients or former clients of DirectTrack have an opinion about them?

DirectAgents recently moved to Cake Marketing to track all their client’s campaigns. Find more information about DirectAgents and how to partner with them.

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    1. It’s just great fun to keep beating on pioneers no matter their contribution to the growth of the performance industry. How about looking into some of the changes that have been happening there in response?

      Despite the common theme in each article I’ve seen published here, new clients are being won, also.

      <a href="; ChaCha Selects DirectTrack as Its Performance Marketing Platform

      (This is my personal opinion)

  1. I personally used DT on many different instances and can say the following. They suck ass! I tried to get every network I worked with that was on it off of it!!! I will have to say one thing positive though. I did have great experiences with one of their staff always being helpful ( I will not name names in this post but if you read you know who you are… 🙂 That is about the only good thing I can say about them. If you are using that system you really should get with the times. DT in my opinion is a leaking dam that has been fixed over and over again with chewing gum. It will not be long bf it breaks. Don’t get me wrong, all technology gonna f-k up every now and then and the prob that happened with them could have happened to anyone. So if you a network don’t act high and mighty bc your shit breaks too. However, I find that platforms like Cake, LinkTrust, etc. are far superior in their technology and setup.
    For instance and the main reason I am posting this. Once was trying to setup Coreg on Direct Track. My ex-boss spent over $6k setting up and their OWN tech could not fix their Own software. I mean correct me if I am wrong, if someone that built something does not know how to run something then charges you for their piece of shit, that is f-ked up in my book. Hate to slam them but this post was long overdue and I do not want anyone screwing up and going with them. Of course, not unless they gonna give it to you for FREE!!! Sorry DT, just speaking the truth bc I care about my fellow affiliate marketers out there.

  2. Direct Track at one time was a great ad-serving platform!

    Today DT is simply outdated, lacks innovation and esthetically speaking is a marketers worst nightmare.

    DT could spend time, energy and money attempting to reinvent their brand – implementing new features and making the system easier to navigate / utilize efficiently – however, I am sure the damage has been done AKA their reputation has been tarnished. Time will tell…

    Michael Rich
    Partner @ NAMoffers

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