Google Kills 134 Million Ads

Google has been nice enough to reveal, among other things, that in 2011, they disapproved over 134 Million ads for a variety of things, including spam and fraud. On top of that, almost 800k accounts were completely killed, banned from using Adwords.

According to their blog:

 Ads that are in violation of our ads policies aren’t allowed to be shown on Google and our AdSense partner sites. For many repeat offenders, we ban not just ads but also advertisers who seek to abuse our advertising system to take advantage of people. In the case of ads that are promoting counterfeit goods, we typically ban the advertiser after only one violation. Here are some metrics that give some insight into the scale of the impact we have had over time, showing the numbers of actions we’ve taken against advertiser accounts, sites and ads. You can see that the numbers are growing—and growing faster over time.

Even in this ever-escalating arms race, our efforts are working. One method we use to test the success of our efforts is to ask human raters to tell us how we’re doing. These human raters review a set of sites that are advertised on Google. We use a large set of sites in order to get an accurate statistical reading of our efforts. We also weight the sites in our statistical sample based on the number of times a particular site was displayed so that if a particular site is shown more often, it’s more likely to be in our sample set. By using human raters, we can calibrate our automated systems and ensure that we’re improving our efforts over time. In 2011, we reduced the percentage of bad ads by more than 50 percent compared with 2010. That means the proportion of bad ads that are showing on Google was halved in just a year.

Of course, they didn’t reveal how many accounts were accidentally shut down for no reason. While Google may not be as bad as Facebook, they are notorious for occasionally shutting down accounts for no reason, even after the ads were approved for months. Why? Because they were too effective?

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. I already face that situation that my blog slapped by Google with no specific reason and I was not doing any bad thing that fight google.

  2. For me i will have nothing to do with Google ads again. I’m part of those whose ads were disapproved and account banned. initially, i had my ads approved on their platform earlier only to be banned for another ads that i placed on their platform

  3. i thing we should use other alternatives…if google think that they are the king just forget it. i m sure one day nobody interested in google.

  4. Google also (conveniently?) forgot to mention how many accounts they have banned for violating non-existent policies or “violating” policies many years before those policies were made.

  5. i too was banned, the thing is…aren’t human reviewers supposed to be doing this? if so, they are not too bright (or can’t read english) because my site clearly is intended to be a promotional tool for marketing purposes yet they claim it’s “misleading” and deceptive.

  6. Sure, it’s pretty good that they shut down ads, but do we really need to know? I really don’t see any use for it. Anyway, I also don’t think they’re shutting down accounts for no reason due to popularity. I guess you meant that as a joke, right?

  7. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s a*s about Google ads (aka Adwords). Not after they banned me for “continuously violating” their TOUS though six years AFTER the alleged violation, even though it was not a violation at the time. They also required of me to change the landing page of a website that did not belong to me (strange and warped logic those guys at big G have).

    I don’t think they give a rat’s a*s about me either. Not even a million “me’s”. Their ads revenue comes mainly from about 10% (at least from what I’ve read) of their advertisers, mainly fortune 500 companies. I was hoping Facebook would at least dilute their virtual online advertising monopoly but with the big guys like GM pulling out of FB ads, I’m not sure.

  8. My account was one of the ones that was shut down by accident, every things fine now BUT did you also here about the ads they “started running on accident” AND even charged credit cards for the ads? Yes that also happened to me.

    This was an email they sent after I contacted support when I got my first Your ads are now running email and I shouldn’t have got that email..

    “Dear AdWords advertiser,

    Because of a technical issue, some of your campaigns might have mistakenly resumed running on May 31, 2012. You might also have received an email titled, “Google AdWords – Your ads are now running.”

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