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Facebook Promoted Posts in Beta

Facebook has been nice enough to give me access to their “Promoted Posts” function to test it. If you didn’t know, Facebook launched, in limited beta, this week a new function that allows you to promote posts beyond the normal reach it would only get. Normally posts are promoted by EdgeRank, their in-house formula, but for a little bit more money, you can promote your posts to a bunch more people.

This means that even without someone sharing, liking or doing something else, you can make sure more fans, friends, whatever can see your post first in your news feed. My own personal “fan page” has about 5,000 people who have liked it, and honesty; about 10% of those people interact with most of the posts. However, with the new feature, just for a few bucks I can ensure that as many as 2,800 people see it.

Below is our exclusive screenshot of the promoted posts:

WebProNews describes the pricing structure:

More, Facebook appears to be testing out different pricing structures. Another example spotted over at Business Insider lists the dollar increments as $15, $20, $30, $50, and $75. If I had to guess at this point, I’d say that the different pricing structures – notice BI’s gets a lot more expensive than MarketingLand’s – the different pricing scales are relative to the amount of Facebook fans your Page has. However, if that is the case, it almost seems like Facebook would then be penalizing Pages that have a ton of fans if it’s going to cost those administrators more money to promote a post than it would if they had, say, a fourth of the fans. Guess we’ll wait and see once this feature is fully available.

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  1. woaahh…i think thats really cool..Hopefully it will be launched for all FB members. Cant hardly wait for that cool new feature from FB. Anyway it seem more helpful for us as IMers because this new feature can makes interactions with our fans in FB more closer and automatically it will makes us more closer to reach our internet marketing goals.

  2. I have never heard or used “Promoted Posts”, Though I have been an ardent user of Facebook and have been able to use it to it maximum potential.

    Tell me one thing, How can “Promoted Posts” help me in my campaigns?

  3. Just asking, how exactly does this work? It already gets posted on the homepage of the people who liked you, so what does this do? Does it increase the number of times it posts on the homepage or something, or does it perhaps show popups with your posts? If people really did get more posts, I can see this getting very useful.

  4. So if I pay to advertise my fan page, I have to pay again to have my fans see my posts…

  5. Promoted posts is a good idea, for corporations that want to put the money down. Facebook pages has more features than many users know about including a downloadable stat sheet detailing page views, likes, and much, much more. Facebook is certainly evolving fast for the businesses.

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