Anne Howard Bashes Affiliate Summit and Industry

Not sure if anyone saw this, but Anne Howard the CEO of RushPR, some sort of PR company, decided to go completely nuts on Affiliate Summit, and more importantly the entire industry as a whole. According to her, the reason that Facebook failed was completely the fault of the affiliate industry.

Yes, you heard it here, the affiliate industry destroyed Facebook.

I have no idea who exactly she is, and what business she has commenting on this industry, but she has some explaining to do on these beyond ridiculous and weird comments.

 Maybe a clue is Facebook’s large presence at  affiliate summits and other events for “affiliate marketers,” often referred to as “spammers” in the online marketing world. Affiliate marketing is a loosely used term to describe “performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

These are the people behind the “Punch the Monkey” ads and the flashing banners telling you that you’re the millionth visitor and the winner of a a nebulous prize if you’ll just take a survey and give them your credit card number. They are also responsible for all those tweets taunting you to click on unwelcomed links and for those completely irrelevant comments on your blogs with a link to a service. Comments so pesty that many of us with blogs have been forced to disable our comments box. Of course, not all affiliate marketers are spammers but a LOT of cleaning up is needed in the industry.

She’s obviously very much clueless about Facebook and the online advertising industry in general. First of all, “Punch the Monkey” ads dominated the industry almost a decade ago, and that infamous banner hasn’t been around in years.

Secondly, she’s completely lost about advertising on Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t accept any third party flashy banner advertising. Perhaps she’s commenting about Facebook, and never logged into it? Facebook has their own advertising system and is in many people’s opinion, way over cautious about the type of advertising that goes on it. There are no “punch the monkey” banners.

I am not going to actually link to her article, because I’m assuming she wrote this to get some sort of much needed attention for her company. I’d hate to push my 45,000+ readers anywhere near her business now, because she’s clearly in need of a virtual spanking and an education about the industry.

I’m hoping she’s not a tech PR company?

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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    1. Dave I’ll tell you – she works for a “PR” company apparently. And she probably spends a lot of time convincing her clients that spending $10K-$20K / month for her to manage their FB “page” and “social media strategy” is highly important. So now that the cat is out of the bag, and it’s clear that FB has a losing business model, and that “likes” and FB’s data are garbage (most of FB data is just input from the user, not based on intent), she’s probably getting a lot of phone calls from clients asking for some sort of accountability. What she seems to overlook in her thesis, is that affiliate marketing provides 100% accountability end to end (most of the time) to the actual value of advertising in a particular channel. She’d like to keep up her “brand” story and PR push for her clients so that she’s not accountable on the results side – that way she can tell them how many “fans” they got and how many “likes” they got last month – while none of that translates into money. But as FB stock plunges and eventually reaches where it should be ($6-$7 a share if trades at 10-12x earnings like google and apple, and even that’s a stretch), everyone will cut back on their “social media strategy” as it will no longer be supported and propped up by the heard mentality. FB is a garbage platform and not scaleable for advertisers.

  1. Hehehe…who is that lady ? I think she just trying to grabs more attention from other people by talking something that she doesn’t know at all what she was talking about. Hopefully it will not hurting out all IM world and all developments.

  2. what a woman huh! my opinion is that she is trying to get traffic by talking about stuff she clearly has little idea about, still there´s room for us all

  3. I miss my X-Cam ads. I also hated/loved playing the putter game or baloon game from Orbitz. This woman is living in a different universe.

  4. Seems she doesn’t know how to use Linked In either as a quick look on there shows a very limited profile and a whole 8 connections!…you go girl!

    Sure she is still using PR techniques from Punch the Monkey days as well…that damn internet and mobile has ruined her PRowess! 😉

  5. Man someone please punch this bitch in the face. Does she even have a clue that affiliate marketers helped build facebook’s sorry ass ad platform in the first place? I am sure Affiliate Summit Attendees have put more than their fair share of ad dollars in facebooks phat ass pockets!!!! Not only does facebook ads pretty much suck for anything that is a linkout, this bitch does not even know what is going on in the present. Get with the times. The monkey ads were the heat back in the day. So was ghost sweeps, kitchen sweeps and all those other email/display ads that have fallen off the face of the earth. She must be on another planet bc I have not seen those ads in quite some time. I hate know it alls that don’t know shit about what is really going on. I am no expert but this bitch is clueless. Just my two cents. Virtual spanking. More like virtual bitch slap 🙂 lol

    1. I agree with what you’ve said for the most part, however, you can’t deny that in our industry, we sometimes take things to the edge of what is acceptable and what is not. So she may have a point in that SOME affiliate marketers may not always provide good value, however, this has no bearing on Facebook, because they have full and ultimate control of their platform and decide which ads are approved, and which are not.

    1. There is something insane about her complete lack of knowledge with the industry. I find this with many “reporters” but more and more with people who claim to be technology experts. They are still thinking flash ads are cool.

  6. She is a P.R person (apparently), so she’s just looking to make noise and get her name out there, the content of what she says is not relevant, but if it’s controversial and inaccurate there is more chance that she will get more publicity, that’s what P.R. people want, you just gave her what she wanted by posting this story, these types of people are best ignored, don’t give them a voice.

    1. I agree, it’s clearly just an attempt to stir up some controversy and be noticed. Good on Pace for not posting the original article link, so as to not give her what she wants.

  7. Yes, I agree she has no clue. However, perception is powerful and shouldn’t be ignored. When there are large contingents of people that believe deception is the same as marketing, we’ll all battle this popular opinion. And while she may be clueless, she holds the same opinion as a lot of agencies, brands, and advertising dollars.

  8. Though I personally don’t spend my own or client ad budgets on Facebook, or heavily discourage it for most clients, without advertising and a good-percentage of affiliate advertisers in addition to corporate advertising budgets Facebook would not have a business model.

  9. She is 100% right on most points and 50% wrong on some points. I think i agree with some of what she said but certainly don’t agree with all of what she didn’t.

    Bottom line: This industry has always been the fringe and the edge of grey marketing. What the industry is now is a joke made by 19 year old in moms basement. What affiliate marketing, direct response marketing and CPA marking will be in coming years gives me great hope as user IQ goes up and mobile contact reaches 90% of their experience. For those of us who have never asked you to “punch the monkey to win an ipad” – I’m looking forward to a vibrant industry future.

  10. Sounds like who ever fed her ideas on fb was too busy monkeying around in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Sounds like a publicity stunt. If this woman knows what affiliate marketing is, she should know fb’s advertising functions.

  11. Aff Summit killed Facebook? Yeah,and where’s the third shooter on the grassy knoll? I really don’t think Zuck needed much help in that regard Anne. Check your timeline.

  12. Forget ‘punch the monkey ‘ads ,In earlier days fb was even strict with grammar in the ad copy.Countless of my ads were rejected for the reasons like not ending the sentence with a period or use of capitals in the middle of sentence or even if the sentence is not framed correctly

  13. She must not be remembering the fact that most of facebooks traffic is now coming from Mobile Devices; Where they have ZERO monetization in place..
    What an idiot!

  14. Wait…how do we elect Pace for president? Please write an article on this or I swear to you I will never read this blog again and simply refer to NickThrolson.com for my news.

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