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Bottom Google Ads CTR Rise

Interesting news out of an investment company, Global Equities Research which show that click-throughs on Google are actually rising, but specifically more importantly the bottom ad placements.  Because of this, Google has shown significant revenue growth, making investors really happy.

However, the best news is the research on what type of ads perform the best:

Queries related to Shopping
Queries related to Schools
Queries related to any form of Comparison
Queries related to any form of Supplies
Queries related to any Text Books

Google Click-thru-Rates and Cost per Click has started to show improvement. In November of 2011, Google rolled out a new Ad Placement at the bottom of the Search Results page. Initially, CTR on the new Ad Placement at the Bottom of the Search results were very week, but has steadily improved in the CY1Q’2012 in some geographies. Our research indicates that CTR on the Ads on the Bottom of the Search Results page is stronger Internationally vs. Domestic. Our research also indicates that young users, who are under 25 years of age are more likely to click on the Ads at the Bottom of the Search Results page that the users who are over 40 years of age.

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  1. Good for Google; although having recently seen exactly how much money universities and online retailers are poring into Google advertising I suspect that they’ll feel more vindicated than ecstatic.

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