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God’s Healing Ability Misleading and Deceptive, Says UK Government

You think the FTC is bad? Well, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a UK based regulation division that determines whether advertising is legal, decent, and non-deceptive has decided to take on God. According to a ruling by the ASA, a Christian prayer organization that was handing out advertisement for  their prayer group website, was making misleading claims in that God could heal.

The advertisements read:

 “Need Healing? God can heal today! Do you suffer from Back Pain, Arthritis, MS, Addiction … Ulcers, Depression, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Paralysis, Crippling Disease, Phobias, Sleeping disorders or any other sickness?

“We’d love to pray for your healing right now!

“We’re Christian from churches in Bath and we pray in the name of Jesus. We believe that God loves you and can heal you from any sickness.”

The ASA said they stepped in, because the group was making claims about curing illnesses without any evidence whatsoever to back it up scientifically.

The Christian group plans to appeal the ASA’s ruling. The group finds it “odd” that the ASA wants to prevent it from stating on its website the basic Christian belief that God can heal illness.

“The ASA has even demanded that we sign a document agreeing not to say this, which is unacceptable to us—as it no doubt would be for anyone ordered not to make certain statements about their conventional religious or philosophical beliefs,” HOTS said. “We tried to reach a compromise, recognizing some of the ASA’s concerns, but there are certain things that we cannot agree to, including a ban on expressing our beliefs.”

In regards to the lawsuit, God had no comment.

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  1. That ruling seems odd especially since it doesn’t sound like they’re actually selling anything 😕

    Then again it probably wouldn’t have made a difference even if they did have EVIDENCE because there have been numerous cases of successful aids treatments that just won’t get approved for example 🙄

  2. I for one am delighted to see such blatant falsehood being banned.

    I’d love to know some more about these “successful AIDS treatments” Caleb, so please provide a link to support that claim.

    1. Research Dr.Sebi on YouTube and other areas. He has did battles with the FDA in court providing manifest proof.

      1. I’ll take that as a no then. No surprise there…

        I actually wasted 5 minutes of my life looking up this guy. I hope he gets arrested and charged with fraud or murder.

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