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8 Smart SEO Tips for Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is turning out to be one of most useful social tools for online marketers. Regardless of what niche you’re targeting, you should leverage Twitter to the maximum to stay ahead of your competition. Besides driving direct traffic to your main website or blog, you should also try to get as much exposure as you can to your Twitter profile. This ultimately helps you boost your web presence, build a brand and of course, get more sales/leads in the long run.

Given below are eight smart SEO tips that you can use to get your Twitter profile high up on the SERPS for the right keywords.

1 ) Pick a username that makes sense SEO wise. In other words, your username should contain the keyword that you want are targeting. Try to keep it short and meaningful – something like @easywaystogardenandhavefun is not only hard to read, but also looks unprofessional.

2 ) When it comes to your name, make sure you use your real name. You may get tempted to use your primary keyword again, but avoid doing so. Why? Because you want people to see you as a real person, not an automated spam bot.

3 ) The website URL space shouldn’t be left empty. If you don’t have your own site or blog, create an personal page at http://About.Me – so that your visitors can learn more about you. Also, drop the “www” from the URL and avoid using a link shortening service. People are particular about what they click on these days. So the more clarity you give them, the more they trust you.

4 ) The bio is where you write about yourself, and include your keywords, which makes it integral for SEO. How you write your bio depends on who you are, but try to be interesting, witty, humorous – make it personality driven. Don’t stretch it; say more in a few words.

5 ) Your Twitter profile needs link juice just like your website – the off page SEO rules are no different. So make sure you’re linking to your Twitter profile from where ever you can – with your main keyword in the anchor text. If possible, get others to link to it too. Remember, the higher number of links you build, the better it is.

6 ) If you’re doing extensive SEO then you will want the search engines to pick on your primary keyword. This is why it makes sense to include them in your tweets whenever you can. In addition to that, use #hashtags from time to time as search engines are starting to give them importance.

7 ) Stay focused and regularly publish tweets that are relevant to your market. It’s okay to go off-topic once in a while, but try to stick to your subject as much as you can. This also helps you get more re-tweets from your followers.

8 ) See to it that you submit your Twitter profile to directories, a small step that can get it noticed by the search engines.

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Mustafa Khundmiri

Mustafa Khundmiri is a staff writer for Performance Marketing Insider. He is also the co-founder of - a knowledge hub for entrepreneurs.

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  1. Twitter’s importance to growing business profits is increasing daily. First step on twitter is to be found and SEO is vital. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hi Mustafa,
    Thanks for the article. You are obviously a big fan of Twitter! Do you believe that this social media platform is relevant for all businesses? If not, what types of business is it most suited to? I have been in contact with a number of small businesses who feel that they should be on Twitter but without the resource available to fully devote themselves to it, I do not think it is necessarily the right place to be.

  3. To answer your question Robin, it depends on who your target audience is and how much time they spend on Twitter. Social media is growing by leaps and bounds, and Twitter along with Facebook is definitely leading the pack. What I’d say is – since tweeting is becoming really common with each passing day, there’s no harm in having a little “retweet” or “follow” button on your website.

  4. Another thing you should look at is the information contained in your bio. Twitter allows you to use only 160 characters in your profile bio, so you have to make it not only relevant, but interesting so that you could attract users. This will be very helpful if done right as the search engines will use your profile bio as the description, and we all know how important it is to have a proper description.


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  5. Nice post but can you tell me how can i make twitter app as my it’s saying twitter dev. need to add mobile no. but when i add mobile no. its says not available for your carrier.

  6. Honestly, the first tip you gave is one I feel like 99% of people miss. Would love to see a case study on the twitter name and how it directly effects the SEO. I always see twitter on the first page!

  7. With me 2k folowers i received 50 visitors a better day. but the percentage of refusals on the site – about 50

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