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CPX Goes Cookie Free

Digital advertising company CPX Interactive today announced the first in a series of new product launches set for early 2012, CPX IP (Cookie-Free) Targeting. CPX will leverage its unparalleled online reach and a previously announced partnership with predictive data solutions company Semcasting to create a powerful new offering that plugs seamlessly into its own proprietary global distribution engine, enabling IP audience targeting that is more accurate and scalable than cookie-based targeting.

IP-based targeting has significant advantages over the more traditional targeting models. The process segments US residents into approximately 5.2 million IP zones and then scores these zones based on 120 demographic variables culled from every manor of public record. It also provides more than three times the potential reach of cookie-based platforms and is 77 times more accurate than traditional zip code geo-targeting. With its vast reach and ability to target online audiences down to a granular level, CPX can match offline public record information with the online IP address zones tied to the specific buildings associated with the data and can then target these IP zones with specific advertiser creatives.

“Utilizing our online reach of more than two billion daily ad impressions and our ability to target IP addresses directly, CPX is in a unique position to expand the scope and granularity of audience targeting,” said Jonathan Slavin, Chief Revenue Officer of CPX Interactive. “By integrating Semcasting’s data, we can now offer our agency and advertiser partners the ability to link detailed user demographics to precise locations and create next-level audience modeling and look-alike targeting, all at better than an 80 percent match rate against not only our own direct traffic, but also against RTB and exchange traffic.”

“Semcasting’s ability to connect our industry-leading public data to more than 1.4 million home IP zones and 3.8 million business IP zones in the US means advertisers and their agencies now have a way to leverage their existing investments in customer and marketing intelligence to plan their online campaigns. Semcasting’s data and analytics capabilities combined with CPX’s ability to deliver messaging directly to these IP zones at massive scale makes this a synergistic partnership. CPX is an ideal distribution partner for us,” said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting.

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  1. To me this makes no sense… I really don’t get it. All my IP address would give anyone, is the IP of my ISP’s router. In my case, this is almost always found to be somewhere around 60 miles away from where I actually am.

    IP addresses typically can’t identify a unique computer, and CERTAINLY can’t identify a unique user… so I don’t see how this could be better than cookies. Plus most people’s IP addresses aren’t static.

    I must be missing something… no website that I visit can identify me personally if I haven’t also volunteered some information to them that they can use to look up something about me. Sure they could secretly leverage data gathered from other websites they may be in partnership with, to compare that to my IP and come up with who I am (like say they had a Facebook app that recorded IPs of individual users and built a map out of that).

    But assuming they aren’t doing something sneaky like this, I don’t see how they can know anything about me personally at all, from my IP alone. I just don’t get it.


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