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Kids want Ipads not PlayStations

According to a new survey by Nielsen, 44% of kids 6-12 would rather have an Ipad or Iphone. This is in sharp contrast from previous years when Playstations, Xb0x360’s and similar console games were always ranked up there. This is very, very interesting information for marketers because it means that the interests of children are changing. If you are marketing to children or their parents, this is important to note because it can enormously change the giveaways and other promoted products.

Tech writer Mike Elgan deemed the iPad “Children’s Toy of the Year.” “Parents are always looking for electronic babysitters to pacify their kids so they can do something else — drive, for example, or make dinner.”

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  1. Due to their aggressive marketing, Apple’s products are on every child wish list. I remember that we used to play baseball and soccer outside without the need of these many gadgets.

  2. Obviously, Nowadays kids prefer iPads over Playstations due to its portability. Aside from impressing their friends, iPads has more functionality like internet accessibility, watching movies and listening to musics. I think iPads are Playstations in this generation.

  3. You only need to watch a kid with an iPad and you can see how quickly they pick up on the intuitive nature of controlling the screen with a finger. It’s just far more fun than using a mouse. The Kindle Fire will also be a cheaper option for parents this Christmas. Thanks for the post.

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