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Myths of Yahoo Email Marketing

James Jrumbly of The Email Guide was curious about what exactly gets through from email marketers to Yahoo users.  So he decided to use Yahoo’s email visualization tool and learned quite a bit about the subject.

This is a pretty damn good tool, and one of the things he noted is that almost 100,000 emails a second are delivered through Yahoo’s email systems.

So, how much exactly gets through spam filters? Quite a bit it seems. Most importantly, despite what people say, the keyword “FREE” is not actually blocked by Yahoo email, and all the weird variations such as F.R.E.E. and FWEE are also blocked.

Why? Because IP address, sender and message content are much more important than the subject lines in determining what is spam.

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Pace Lattin

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  1. Interesting. I never knew that such tool existed. It seems like a good tool to assist you in your marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So, the keyword “free” is not blocked by Yahoo, but the variations of it are! Good information to know.

  3. I think that email marketing is very important to understand, almost all the internet marketers use this to promote their own website, aside from that they can get additional people who be interested in online business.

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