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Affiliate Venture Group is boutique affiliate network run by one of the most accessible guys in the industry, Ricky Ahuja. Located in downtown Richmond, VA with offices in Ashburn, VA – It is a very reputed CPA network, comprised of a team experienced and tireless online marketing professionals. With a focus on exclusive affiliate offers, we continue to build internal offers to compliment this segment.

Affiliate Venture Group‘s experienced and dedicated Affiliate Managers can help you optimize your traffic to gain the highest possible earning potential. This type of specialized attention is rare and unique in this industry. We stand by our affiliates and make sure you are paid on time, every time!

Our robust affiliate network utilizes the Cake Tracking System, offers a diverse range of proven offers in: Cash Advance, Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Debt and Credit Repair, Education, Health, and some of the best converting “Biz” Opportunities available. In addition we have just launched our segment of “International Offers” which has proven very popular amongst affiliates. At Affiliate Venture Group we define our vision as “Building Affiliate Relationships One Lead at a Time”. Whether it be a publisher or advertiser our dedicated team is committed to helping you optimize your campaign to provide you with the maximum conversion rates and profitability…one lead at a time!

Read Interview with their Owner, Ricky Ahuja


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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Hi guys – I am the co-owner of AVG and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at all. I am accessible 24/7 so if you have anything at all – do let me know.


    1. Funny that the co-owner rates his own network 5 stars and more. This network is nothing special at all. It’s a one man show and there are absolutely no good offers on there. All the offers, AVG takes a HUGE margin. Not worth any time.

    1. Ricky is a good guy and their network is top notch… they will work one on one with you to get the most out of your traffic, they also will go find campaigns for you that you are looking for… The whole team over there does their best to keep things on the up and up, while still letting their pubs do what they do. …

  2. The guys over at AVG are all great…working with Ricky and Chris is a real pleasure. AVG is top-notch in everything they do. They’ve gone out of their way to accommodate us. Thanks guys!


  3. Been working with Ricky for almost 4 years and never had any issues and communication is easy. Looking forward to working with them more.

  4. Hi all the AVG network is great in my view, there are many good offers also some offers are only from AVG network I seen. And the their supports are very well. Going cool.

  5. Working with AVG has always been a great experience. Great offers, good payouts, ontime payments – just everything that a pub looks for. Great going guys!!!

  6. Ricky and Chris are great to work with. Rick especially tells it like it is and that makes for a great business relationship! I am looking forward to growing the business with them!


  7. AVG is a great network to work with. I have never ever had an issue with them. Ricky and Chris are there 24/7 and are both really enjoyable to do business with. I dont have one complaint. There are lots of offers in the system and AVG works with you to make sure you get the highest payout possible. I would recommend AVG to anyone and will continue to work with them. Keep up the good work guys!

  8. as well as designing work ricky is quick to respond to whatever needs i had with making sure we collected payments timely in this economy that a big plus and stress relief ….thank you

  9. I’ve worked with Ricky and Chris both as their advertiser and as a publisher. They took extremely good care of my new, exclusive offer and paid close attention to my specific concerns about my lead quality. When I needed specific offer types for my exit traffic and SMS traffic Ricky was there to step up and do the leg work for me. You won’t find a guy in this business who is more honest or hard working than Ricky.

  10. Who da fuck are adamn and shana! No one has ever gone to bat for my needs then Ricky and his team – NO ONE…don’t be childish and leave a lame ass rating when you have nothing to corrobarate it. Take a look at the other leaving a testimonial on here – case closed, end of discussion.

  11. I totally agree that Ricky Ahuja and Affiliate Venture Group is not just good but they provide excellent support & service to there affiliates. I following ricky blog from last 6 month and highly impressed with his talent and experience..!

  12. I recently came across AVG from a blurb I saw on PI and reached out to Ricky the following day. Not only did he manage to call me back within an hour, but had his AM send me their top offer list over the weekend. They are tireless in their work and dedicated to the cause of ensuring quality not only for their advertisers but their publishers as well. I can not comment on how quickly or timely they pay as that remains to be seen. If however they are even half as prompt as they were in returning our call – well that’s better than 90% of the networks I have dealt with.

  13. I love dealing with both Ricky and Chris. They’ve both been excellent to work with and I’d always give them a high recommendation. I plan to run their offers for many years in the future and would hope that other people would also account for how much of a great contact both of them are!

  14. One of the best Affiliate Network, I always recommend it to my readers and they tell me AVG has the best affiliate user interface they’d ever worked always

  15. AVG has been a great network two years running for me. Their support is out of this world and payments all on time. They have managed to stay under the radar and just execute.

  16. I am promoting dating verticals on Rick’s network and from what i can see i am getting good conversions in AVG than the other CPA networks that has the same offer.Their support is top notch and my AM is always there to get me the offers that i want.The payments are also on time

  17. Hey guys, I signed up to AVG last week as I am gearing up to pay a DEBT offer (in the FINANCIAL vertical) that pays out like $13/lead for just the *first page*, LOL!

    BTW, talking to Ricky Ahuja just *sealed the deal* for me as he’s SUPER-cool!

  18. I am doing this review in hopes that more people find out about Ricky Ahuja and AVG. I am doing this INSPITE of Ricky repeatedly telling me not to say anything.

    I am a publisher of AVG and don’t do too much business. However, I had a personal financial obligation I had to meet and had no where to go. While discussing this in passing with Ricky, not once did he ask why I needed the funds – just paypald them to me a few moments later. Needless to say I was extremely touched and eternally indebted to him.

    The amount wasn’t large – but the timing was dire. There are very few individuals in this society let alone this industry that would do this and my hats off to Ricky.

    Ricky – you sir truly rock!!

  19. Ricky is great to work with and is well deserving of his respected reputation in the industry!

  20. I have been working with AVG and Ricky Ahuja for about 2 years and him and his team have helped me greatly. I look forward to growing my affiliate empire with the help of AVG.

  21. AVG and Ricky Ahuja = You’re all set. You have an awesome company and an awesome individual, when you put the two together, you acquire awesome results and pure profit.

    Ricky is da man!

  22. Have known Rick less than a month and already his advise/consulting is paying dividends. I have worked with many networks in the past – and not a single CEO has made themselves available to me as much as Rick has.

  23. AVG Simply rocks. I am member of AVG from last few month and I found that they have excellent publisher support. Amit is my account manager and he literally help me to create successful campaign. I highly recommended AVG to everyone in this industry.

  24. Rick is amazing to work with, great communication, and extremely talented.I noticed this site on a report and it received a very good report.

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