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by Pace Lattin2011-08-14

Generate revenue with your web content. With our service you can lock aspects of your website from view, requiring visitors to complete a short offer from one of our advertisers in order to gain access. You get paid for every offer completed. Monetize an established website or create microsites that target specific niches — a nearly endless array of possibilities.  Our content gateway works well for tutorials, ebooks, video, templates, coupons, and services. Be paid for every person that access your premium content!

Read our interview with owner Fehzan Ali

“Adscend Media is a CPA affiliate network that specializes in incentivized marketing, however we also cater to a wide range of paid traffic, social, and display publishers to offer a complete monetization solution for our publishers. Given our extensive experience in incentivized marketing, we also understand the full flow of the business from the advertiser to the publisher. This insight is a competitive advantage that allows us to ensure inventory with unique advertiser offer that provide higher EPCs for our users and more value for the end user.  “

About The Author
Pace Lattin
Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.
  • 2011-08-16 at 01:56

    These guys pay! I loaded 2 offers on Ad Angler in May and Adscend Media paid in full our publishers’ commissions. It was only for $135.00, but none the less payment showed up on time! My AM is Candice and she is great at returning my email messages in a timely manor.

  • Zack
    2011-08-31 at 11:13

    Got paid yesterday around $250, A+ network with amazing AM’s.

  • Bhoomika Bathla
    2011-09-10 at 12:28

    Its one of the network that changed my life. I belong to India and for me even 1k $ pm is more than enough as an above average earner. Adsscendmedia gace me chance to earn over 70k $ over 1 year of time, which I invested in several other projects, and now I am living a descent life 🙂

    Thanks from heart AM 🙂

  • JJ.Atairu
    2012-01-13 at 23:48

    Adscendmedia is cool, they accept internationals. Been with them for a while but only got serious a few months ago. In less than 4 months i have received over $1000 from

  • 2012-03-16 at 00:47

    Speak softly and carry a big stick. These guys have the best incentive offers, so they do not need to push as much hype. They even have some decent non-incent, but you don’t go to a steak house to eat chicken.

    Unfortunately, they are a little more picky about the types of traffic they can deal with lately. I have to respect that in today’s legal environment where companies are frequently made examples of.

  • Alan
    2012-05-03 at 13:50

    Offer selection is good but light in the U.S

    Customer service was fantastic I won’t lie.

    Payments were rough because of chargebacks but the big issue comes from the fact that I got C&D’d by Facebook almost immediately after Adscend settled. My name was given up and I wasnt doing anything wrong according to FB terms. Its more important that you not throw your pubs under the bus than anything else.

    Overall id rather have horrible customer service and less options but not find myself as a legal scapegoat. This is a fair review i got served by FB for my Adscend stuff which was a result of their lawsuit. Guys like me arent the reason Adscend got sued.

    • 2012-06-04 at 12:52

      Alan has proven himself to be a competitor that’s making things up under a false name, here and in many other posts where he makes similar claims. As I stated before when he made those other posts, no info had been provided to FB, and no C&Ds would ever be necessary because there were no publishers on our network with any ongoing FB promotions. That said, if you were a real person and were using spam on another network, than you’d deserve any C&D that you would receive. I guess you somehow think it makes us look bad that we don’t accept spam, because that’s the kind of publishers you want to attract for yourself and away from us. You’re welcome to them. Anyone that signs up to Adscend should expect to follow our policies or expect consequences. We certainly won’t harbor publishers that break our rules or that break the laws. Unlike other networks that will go un-named, we don’t encourage or turn a blind eye to illegal activity, rake in profits from it, and then terminate thousands of accounts when the wrongdoing is suddenly “discovered”.

  • Shaveem Lawrence
    2012-05-30 at 02:39

    ADSCEND is the best and Pace is an idiot if he doesnt think so

    anyone talkin shit or saying otherwise doesnt now adscend! 5 stars for all categories baby

  • Riza
    2012-06-16 at 13:32

    after working with some others in the space adscend has a long way to go on getting top quality offers and working with some of the best out there >see my other reviews like ad perio <

    very good customer service unless if you need anything technical then good luck
    payout weeklies are available in a lot of places with a lot of others tho adscend never misses even during all the facebook battles so i cant say they are anything less than average and actually surprised me

    i think they have potential and arent doing anything bad or shady but they need time to get mass appeal and have holes to fix

  • 2012-06-30 at 15:58

    A network like Adscend doesn’t need more proof. The best legit network, with ontime payment. Just as a formality I am posting my review. If someone ask us about adscend, our remark would be “Close your eyes and go for it if you think you are doing genuine business”.

    Thanks Adscend. Currently, few cheaters are troubling SURewardsGPT, taking to demotivate our genuine members by spreading rumours, but we are never worried as we are honest and it takes some time for every honest owner/business to be on right top of business

    Owner: SURewardsGPT

  • Ray
    2012-06-30 at 17:41

    Pays always on time. Had no problem with Adscend Media. be clean and you will get paid. Support is awesome too. Thanks!

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