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Is Your CPA Affiliate Network a Complete and Total Fraud?

It seems that everyone and anyone is making a CPA Network right now. As soon as you turn around, some affiliate has signed up to HasOffers, and has CPABizOffers,  AffCPAFarts, YehawCPA or some other stupid name that they figured out. While I commend anyone who wants to get into business for them, the very fact that anyone can spend $10 to make a CPA network and then steal offers from other CPA networks is kind of disturbing.

In fact, I was just reading about some network that shut down this year after spending all their money on throwing parties in Vegas full of hookers and drugs. The owners of the company owe about every other CEO in the industry money, but what they did instead of paying it off was create an entire new network and start promoting it.

There were tons of people who pointed out that this was the same company, different name, but just as many people joined the network and are now probably going to get completely ripped off.

The reason this can happen is that there are at least a dozen networks out there that only business model is stealing offers, putting them up, and they work together to ensure that no one talks about them. Basically they tell everyone that they are all good, post on message boards recommending each other, when in fact, they are pretty much the same company, pulling the same scams.

Biggest Advice here: Don’t trust any company that just popped up, claiming to be the “biggest” in the industry.

What networks do you know that are doing this?

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Pace Lattin

Pace Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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  1. Pace, everyday a new so called Affiliate Marketing company pops up and wants me to market their products.
    The thing I always I find out is that all of them have the same offers, almost every single one 😉 Whats the secret on that one, I’ll answer that., it’s called everyone picks up the same crap from everyone else then takes a little piece of the pie.

    Hey I am from Vegas and know plenty of hookers (just kidding). Really the Affiliate Summit and Adtech plus the rest have the same MO hire some nice young stripper from the local “dance club”, have her stand out front of the booth begging guys and gals to meet up and sign on the dotted line. I got disgusted by this years ago, hey don’t get me wrong I dig some strippers but not when it comes to my cash.

    Not all CPA Networks are they same but most of them are. People go broke not by their own choice it’s by NO EDUCATION.

    Just a thought…… time to get real America!

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  3. Call me cynical if you will but I have found most CPA networks are frauds anyway. Talking from personal experience I have had networks which are large, well known and supposedly highly reputable that don’t actually pay you for leads of sales generated. I had cases where I know a form has been completed or a product bought but it’s not in my stats and I am getting no money for it. It’s mostly called shaving and seems to be accepted in this industry but if that’s not fraud then what is??

    1. I think there are too many CPA networks out there that are run by some guy offshore, with a PO box in Iowa. That’s a real issue.

  4. The situation is you search for an offer to promote and find out that despite you are already registered to about 60 CPA networks you realize that the offer you need is only offered by some BozoCPA network you are not registered to and never heard of before.

    תגיד פסח, אתה לא מרגיש שמשיח מגיע?

  5. “…YeahCPA or some other stupid name that they figured out.” Nice shout-out. 😉

    I understand they might be getting their offers from decent networks but how can they then have the highest payout? Because they never plan to pay out? Or because they are shaving orders?

    I seriously wish there was a more objective ranking of networks. Every one I have seen appears to be gamed or fraudulent from the get go.

    1. My point is that you don’t need to go to a Bozo Network to get the offers, you can go directly the real networks. I’m not saying that brokering is all bad, some people develop relationships with networks and want to stay with those networks. That’s good stuff.

      However, a lot of “networks” are relying completely on getting offers from other networks, and then pushing to affiliates who could never apply on the original networks. What bullshit is that?

      1. I understand you point. But as someone relatively new to CPA, I have difficulty telling the “real” networks from the bozo’s. They are all on OfferVault after all. And the bogus reviews say they are all great. So how can one tell if his network is getting a network that actually has contracts with the the company making the offer and not just skimming from another network?

        It’s frustrating because I have a legitimate web site with my company that is incorporated with the same name as the web site, I get 500k pageviews/mo, 25k uniques, and a member list of 8k+ of responsive people in a 50 Billion dollar industry. I’m not huge but that still puts me in the top half of one percent of all web sites on the net for traffic. Yet many of the networks have had no interest because I am too small. I might only receive a payout of 3-5k a month from their offers. Piddly to them, but a nice addition for a solopreneur. Yet these same networks will accept shady guys with no business, no site, but with big lists that churn through people. To me that makes the whole industry look pretty shady.

        So am I one of the ones ‘who could never apply on the original networks” because of my size? And if I could apply on the original networks, can you tell me how to know which is the original network? They all look equally sketchy to me.

      2. “Hi Clark,
        Your affiliate account has been rejected.
        Axon Media Group

        This e-mail has been sent from an e-mail address that is not monitored.
        Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to any replies.”

        So what is it? Am I just too small? Because I am totally legit and easily verifiable with no negative history. I have a long positive history with my list of members with very good response rates and very low refund rates. But networks might not know that because they don’t care. But you know what else? I have no clue if Axon is legit either. They advertised on this site but does that mean anything? Probably not since you identified at least one real network as a bozo network AND YEAHCPA IS STILL ON OFFERVAULT. So Axon is probably a bozo network too, right?

            1. Why would anyone want to get involved with a company that would send such a clueless email?

              I found your comment trying to figure out why I got this email:

              “Hi Gail,

              Your affiliate account has been rejected.


              This e-mail has been sent from an e-mail address that is not monitored.

              Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to any replies.”

              Brilliant. (Yes, that is sarcasm.) What affiliate account has been rejected? Rejected from what?

              I have no idea whether I even applied for any affiliate program connected with them and given that is the entire message and the email did not even come from their domain – it came from whose domain won’t even load – so the only reason I even care is so that if I did apply I can now avoid whatever company it was.

              I’m adding AxonMediaGroup to the same list of companies to avoid. No legitimate company should send such useless email messages. They might want to check to see just who they’re rejecting by the way because they could end up getting more bad publicity than they bargained for when they’re featured in what not to do posts that get spread across social media by collaborations of influential bloggers.

  6. It is a shame that so many players are coming into this field. They are not disaplines and certainly are not patient. They pop up and try to make a quick buck while ruining the name of a lot of networks that suffer from the bad apples that are here today gone tomorrow “operations”

    I am getting sick of it all recently and I know it will probably only get worse. I love my job and my company and along with the fact that there are many so called “affiliates” that send nothing but fraud and then blame you when they get reversals. I wish this weeding out process would just hurry up.

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