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Lessons Learned While Fighting the Affiliate Nexus Tax

Waging battles in the growing number of states proposing affiliate nexus bills that threaten affiliate marketers is a lot like the classic episode of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy and Ethel attempt to keep pace with the conveyor belt at the chocolate factory.

Staying on top of what is happening in each state is becoming more difficult yet even more critical. But as the PMA gains a deeper understanding of the affiliate nexus tax issue, its far-reaching impact and we get some hard-won political experience under our belt; many valuable lessons have been learned.

Given that three different sates (California, Connecticut and Texas) will all be holding hearings this week [...]

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Ahuja Means Make Money in Punjabi

You don’t see that many Sikh’s in affiliate marketing. Honestly, you don’t really see that many Sikhs in general, especially where I moved to, Colorado which is the Capital of the Secret WASP Society.  That being said, Ricky Ahuja has made a name for himself in this industry. Ask anyone and they will tell you that he is a very friendly, outgoing person who treats everyone with respect – something that this industry often needs.  Anywho, he’s also a great businessman who has made a good name for himself in this industry as someone who pays attention to what is going on in the industry and is always networking to learn more.

How do you personally get into Affiliate Marketing? I [...]

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M’thinks that Chris Trayhorn Knows Performance

A few years ago someone told me that someone was making a print magazine for the performance marketing industry. I was pretty damn sure it would fail. While blogs weren’t all the rage as they are now, as an experienced online publishers, I was pretty sure no one would want to read something in print. Luckily I was wrong, and the folks at Revenue Magazine, now Revenue Performance were correct. They understood that in our industry, people really love to get attention and putting great photos of them in a glossy magazine would guarantee distribution. Now some 8 years later, Revenue Performance is the magazine that every major company has on their coffee tables and frames in their [...]

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Coupon Sites are Stealing Your Money!

So you’ve got a budding e-commerce startup.  You’re advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing, etc, and you decide one day, “hey, I should have an affiliate program!  I heard CJ is great, let me sign up there.”  You speak to your CJ rep and they tell you about all the wonderful sales that they’ll be generating for you and you create your account, deposit funds, and with a huge smile across your face, you approve a whole bunch of affiliates and sit back and wait for sales to roll in.  A few days later, you start getting a few sales but as you watch your overall sales volume, it doesn’t increase at all.  Then, a few more sales come in, but again, your total sales did not increase by the [...]

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