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Three Types of Offers that Always Work

Despite the growing popularity of Internet TV, both DishNetwork and DirectTV are a growing business.  A lot of it has to do with the huge population of sports fans that know that they can get the best quality games via these methods, but a lot more probably has to do with the aggressive affiliate programs that the resellers use. If there is one program that year after year is a constant, it is the affiliate programs for DishNetwork and DirectTV. This search will show you DishNetwork Affiliate Programs at OfferVault. I’ve also heard a rumor that HybridAds has a private email submit for DishNetwork that is killing it.

With the Price of Gold Going up, Gold Kits and Gold Seller Offers are probably still one of the hottest offers for mailers, but also for all types of people. These offers are partially doing well because of the economy and the price of Gold, but also because of the enormous advertising push being done on FoxNews and late night TV. With people like Glen Beck pushing gold companies and talking about it, tons of people know about these programs. Thus, when they are given the opportunity to redeem their gold for money via a mailing, they are more interested. Try Envyus Media and their CashForGold offer.

I have talked about how to make money on Dating Affiliate Programs many times.   Dating Affiliate Programs will always be hot, because for whatever reason people are always searching for new loves. I read in a study that as more and more people get on dating sites, more and more people try OTHER dating sites – because it’s almost like an addiction. People love the attention of an unknown suitor or admirer.. who might be stalker, but still its fun.  If you haven’t tried already, try NICHE dating.  For example, Hispanic Dating can be huge, partially because its less competitive  but also because there are a lot of keywords that cost a lot less money than the rest. For example, Online Dating goes for as much as $4.00 per click, while Domincan Women goes for $.43 per click on Google. Let’s also be honest, nothing really sells like the photos of Sexy Dominican Women too, there is are just a plethora of great photos out there for your ads!

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Pace Lattin

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  1. Awesome news, I'm doing dating now and it rocks. Will definitely try gold and dish campaigns. Thanx for great info

  2. I agree with the Gold. It's a big market right now. Even a series on A&E I think, Gold Rush. Never tried something like Dish Network but maybe should explore after reading this. I've promoted many tv on pc offers in the past with some good success so satellite tv sounds like a winner as well. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I have to concur with the dating side of things — I used to push that BIG time in niche markets (gay/lesbian, black, hispanic, asian, etc.) and rocked it! THings which will ALWAYS make money are health, wealth & relationship offers 🙂

    -Daniel Wiafe

  4. Excellent. Thanks for the info. I was looking at dating,but didn't realize what was going on with gold and dish net,directtv.

  5. Gold and Dishnetwork affiliate programs profitable – who knew? Dating is of course widely known – but the other two might just be what I need. I wonder if the adsense ads for these 3 are as lucrative as its affiliate programs? All the same – I 've found 3 niches that I will add to my niche list for use for this year. Thanks Offervault!

  6. I've never tried to promote tv or gold offers. I've been testing out dating but have yet to strike gold.
    Thanks for the recommendations.

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