Are Gurus Sabotaging New Affiliates?

Many Gurus have mastered the art of persuasion and have utilized it to their advantage. This in many instances ends up being to the detriment of many newbie affiliates. Though an effective technique used to tap into the desire of the new comer with promises to fulfill their greatest desires in the shortest possible time. This works for two reasons, a guru is perceived as an expert in his field and is therefore trusted. Hence whatever he or she says is taken as achievable. This gives a reassuring feeling to the new learner who desires understanding.

This then raises the question, is it solely the gurus fault or does the newbie have a part to play in the whole dynamics of the sabotage theory? This scenario mimics that of one attempting to perform a single handed clap (as in using one hand to clap). Both parties are required to participate in order to bring about  a response, whether good or not so good.  This applies in a broader context as well, not just for online affiliates. A day to day comparison could be drawn from an elderly person becoming the target of a break in. They become a target only after it has been ascertained that they have multiple weak spots that can be capitalized on.

So how can newbie affiliates combat this onslaught in their state of vulnerability? Let’s look at the illustration earlier I used with the elderly person. Even if the person lives alone but their home is burglar alarmed and has family stopping by on a regular basis. This individual is less likely to be targeted, as the likelihood of  getting caught is higher. Not to say all gurus are dishonest, but being able to differentiate between those who are truly qualified from those that are only seeking to make a quick buck at your expense is important.

It then becomes our responsibility to protect ourselves by making ourselves less vulnerable. In order to do this the newbie needs to be clear about what he or she is trying to achieve. Avoid the temptation to rush in and first sign up for free information to get a feel of the value they offer. This will help to determine if their product is worth the purchase. Look up reviews on the product and get a feel of what users have said about it. This technique has saved me what would have been regretful purchases and time wasted that would only have served as a distraction. The whole point of this is by becoming more responsible and taking control more it will force the gurus to raise their standard in the level of information that they share.

Starting off as a newbie affiliate is both exciting as well as nerve wracking. The truth is it’s like anything new that you try for the first time. A good indicator of how well you will end up doing is determined in the way it all begins. There are those who just rush in without first finding out what to do which usually ends up in tears. There are others who are a bit more cautious and first ask questions from the more experienced affiliates. This gives them a better starting point and a better chance of getting results.

Tip#1. Do Not Rush into it – Too many newbie affiliates end up rushing in without really knowing what to do, resulting in them running around in circles, like a dog chasing his own tail. Eventually it becomes too much and they give up.

Tip#2. Take the Time to Learn How to Successfully Promote Products – There is no single way to promote products and services. This is a personal decision that depends on your ability and your start up budget. Be sure to determine what these are before starting.

Tip#3. Select one method you feel you understand – There are various methods out there that can be used to as promotion vehicles. It is crucial to have an understanding of how they work and how users interact with them as a means of getting the very best out of it.

Tip#4. Stay Focused – To avoid detraction it is best to have a plan put together. This makes it less likely for you to end up working without seeing any results. It is then that you become demotivated and give up.

Tip#5. Put together a plan based on your finance and ability – decide your approach and jot it all down on a notepad as you go along. Keep referring to the notepad to know what your next step will be and to correct steps that went pear shaped.

Tip#6. Implement Through Trial and Error – Write down the process as you go along this will enable you to refer back to what you did and help you quickly identify what is working from what isn’t.

Tip#7. Evaluate and Improve – Tip#6 will make this part of the process much easier. Being able to quickly throw out what doesn’t work will help you to focus and improve what is working. Once you have a satisfactory conversion rate all you have to do is repeat the process with more accuracy.

Using these simple tips will provide a basis from which to launch off. Having clarity to the process and what it entails eliminates the illusion of a get rich quick mentality and enables you to focus on putting in the work necessary to achieve the results you desire.

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