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US Appeals Court: Affiliate Network Liable for Deceptive Marketing

On September 23, 2016, a federal appeals court affirmed a lower court ruling that an online advertiser can be held liable for deceptive marketing content that it did not develop.

By way of background, the LeadClick affiliate network connected third-party merchants with its affiliates to promote the former’s products.  Here, LeanSpa, a core client of LeadClick, sold weight-loss and colon-cleansing products.  Allegedly, the vast majority of traffic directed to the LeanSpa websites originated via bogus news websites with unsubstantiated efficacy claims.

According to the court, LeadClick ratified publisher use of such websites, utilized contracts that required affiliates to [...]

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App Marketers Set to Lose $100 Million in 2016 Due to Fraud

App marketing is a fairly new option in the big scheme of things, but the fraudsters have been quick to get their fingers in this pie.  According to a new study, app marketers are on track to lose as much as $100 million this year alone, and that number is likely only going to go up in the upcoming years.

The research comes from AppsFlyer, which looked at a wide range of information about fraudulent click data, fraudulent installs from fake devices, and a variety of other fraud that impacts app marketers.

The study looked at information from around the world and found that on a per capita basis, Germany accounted for the most fraud, followed by Australia, China, Canada, [...]

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ClickBank Names Mick Wiskerchen as New Chief Operating Officer

ClickBank has recently announced that they are appointing Mick Wiskerchen as the new Chief Operating Officer of the company.  Wiskerchen bring with him more than 25 years of experience leading a variety of companies, including both start-ups and large international firms.  He will be running the day-to-day operations of the company, and be responsible for things like risk-management, customer support, compliance, sales growth, and more.  His role will also be to lead the performance marketing platform for all their users around the world.

His recent employment history includes a position as an Executive Business Partner at Micron Technology, where he was in charge of global [...]

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